All employees in Madania, both teachers and staff are educators. We educate the students through our own unique resposibilities. As a learning society, all parties connected to the education in Madania should possess a vision and commitment to create an educative school culture and respect each profession. Regardless the type and the job to do, all teachers and staff must have competence and responsibility to support the student’s success.  Because all learning processes will always involve many parties; partnership, interdependency, and synergy, process must be maintained and enhanced.

Everybody is an educator and also a student because education is a never-ending living agenda. Everybody needs to be humble and respect differences and advantages of others. We have to be able to learn from somebody’s experience; advantages and disadvantages, success and failure. Thus, Madania Education presents such programs as dialog, training, and reflection. Attendance, participation, and suggestion from experts are highly appreciated to develop the quality of Madania Education.

Madania School was built on the philosophy of madani society. This means that people in Madania [this includes teachers, staff, parents, students and partners of Madania] are destined to understand, implement, demonstrate and teach in egalitarian and inclusive ways. Madania educators believe in God, are inclusive, and have high respect for others. We are people with high integrity and persistent.  We are also: principled, open-minded, inquirers, thinkers, good and respectful communicators, risk takers and caring. 


 M. Wahyuni Nafis  School Director
 Harisko  Vice School Director
 Susi Suciatiningsih  Primary School Principal
 Siti Hidayati  Secondary School Principal
 Sinta Susilawati  Head of Administration
 Alfi Afifah  Head of Researce & Quality Development
 Abdul Aziz Wahyudi  Head of Educational Services
 Yuli Priyanto  Direktur PT Madania Ekselensia
 Abdul Najib  Administration Assistant of CDQA
 Adam Hermawan  Deputy Head of Quality Development
 Dadan Lesmana  Co-Curricular Staff
 Ekalda Idroes  Secretary
 Imam Tantowi  Administration Assistant of General Management
 Sri Mulyadi  Teacher Trainer
 Amran Maxi  CDQA Staff
 Sumahwani  Profesional Development  Staff
 Luthfiah  Profesional Development  Staff
 Nida Nidiana Tolibin  Deputy Head of Profesional Development
 Rina Nurawani  Senior Staff Profesional Development
 Ade Suryani  Associate Homeroom Teacher
 Ahmad Haryadi  Primary Academic Staff
 Arman Stiadi  Primary Homeroom Teacher
 Arumsari  Primary Homeroom Teacher
 Asep Mahdi  Higher Primary Coordinator
 Deni Herman Permadi  Associate Homeroom Teacher 
 Erna Putrianingsih  Nurse
 Ernawati  Primary Academic Staff
 Fikry Kautsar Afdloli  Associate Homeroom Teacher
 Gusva Havita  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Hermanto  Primary Academic Staff
 Ibrohim  Primary Academic Staff
 Indira Kurniati  Primary Homeroom Teacher
 Irena Diniati  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Kania Pratiwi  Associate Homeroom Teacher
 Marliana  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Muhammad Sofian  Primary Academic Staff
 Nenda Suwenda Rahayu  Primary Homeroom Teacher
 Novia Dwi Lestari  Lower Primary Coordinator
 Poppy Noviyanti  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Ratna Linggar Asfaningdyah  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Riska Megasari  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Riyanti Umadji  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Robi  Primary Academic Staff
 Rudy Kustanto  Assistant PYP Coordinator and Associate Homeroom Teacher
 S.A.E. Lestari Lambertus  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Septian Dwi Putra  Associate Homeroom Teacher 
 Siti Solichah UB  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Sopian  Primary Students Administration Staff
 Sri Esti Setiawati  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
 Taufik Hidayat  Primary Academic Staff
 Tri Buana Novita  PYP Coordinator
 Tri Mutia Rahmah  Associate Homeroom Teacher
 Tuti Salbiyah  Primary Academic Staff
 Yanto  Primary Academic Staff
 Yustika Dahana  Primary Homeroom Teacher 
Siska Kartika Putri Primary Councellor
Istiana mawarni  Associate Homeroom Teacher
 Davina Sintiadewi  Primary Teacher
 Agus Setiawan  Higher Secondary  Junior Officer Student Administration 
 Ahmad Gunawan  Lower Secondary School Academic Coordinator
 Anri Rachman  Lower Secondary Indonesian Language Teacher
 Ari Winarko  Higher Secondary Civics Education Teacher 
 Arip Nazarudin  Counselor Grade 7-8
 Aswandi  Secondary School Principal Academic Staff
 Budi  Purwanto  Higher Secondary School Academic Co-Coordinator
 Desi Herliyani  Secondary School Nurse
 Diah Agung Nurdiani  Higher Secondary Economics & Mathematics Teacher
 Diah Indriati  Lower Secondary English Language Teacher
 Dina Krisanti  University Center & Partnership Coordinator
 Dini Pujiastuti  Lower Secondary Social StudiesTeacher
 Emi Rusmiyanah  Lower Secondary Biology Teacher
 Enni Nuraieni  Higher Secondary Physics Teacher
 Evi Sofiawati  Higher Secondary English Language Teacher
 Fitri Hidayati  Lower Secondary English Language Teacher
 Fitria Nur Annisa  Higher Secondary Geography Teacher
 Helda  Higher Secondary Sociology Teacher
 Irma Yaumi Arroihani  Secondary Mandarin Language Teacher
 Jaenal Abidin  Lower Secondary Student Administration
 Kartika Asril Darussamin  Higher Secondary Biology Teacher
 Kornelius Anggivirgo  higher Secondary Mathematics Teacher
 Laila Nuriyahu Guntari  Higher Secondary Indonesian Language Teacher
 Lisa Budi Rahayu  Lower Secondary Mathematics Teacher
 Maliki  Lower Secondary Academic Staff
 Maman Suparman  Secondary Germany Language Teacher
 Muallim Daud  Laboratory Technician
 Muchamad Furqon  Secondary Arabic Language Teacher
 Nina Kartini Rahdiana  Lower Secondary Bahasa Indonesia teacher
 Nono Permana  Lower Secondary Physics Teacher & Kepala Laboratorium
 Nopi Kurniawan  Secondary Japanese Language Teacher
 Nunik Prasetyaningtyas  Lower Secondary Civics Education Teacher 
 Paulina  Higher Secondary Chemistry Teacher
 Pipit Andayani   Counselor 9-10
 Rina Shanti Chaniago  Lower Secondary Student Affair School Coordinator
 Rizky Erastia  Counselor Grade 11-12
 Sartika  Lower Secondary Student and Teacher Affair Staff
 Sharif Maulana, S.Si  Higher Secondary Chemistry Teacher
 Sri Maryanti  Higher Secondary Physicy Teacher
 Sri Purwati Rahmawati Dewi  Higher Secondary School Coordinator
 Suhartini  Chemistry Laboratory Technician
 Supriatno  Secondary Academic Staff (Co-Curricular)
 Syarifudin  Higher Secondary Student and Teacher Affair Staff
 Syifa Arifiana  Lower Secondary Germany Language Teacher
 Taufan Warmana Putera  Higher Secondary Mathematics Teacher
 Titin Indri Yastuti  Higher Secondary School Academic Coordinator
 Tiyan Yusintani  Lower Secondary Mathematics Teacher
 Umi Kurniahati  Higher Secondary Mathematics Teacher
 Veni Dwintasari  Lower Secondary Physics Teacher
 Widi Handayani  Laboratory Technician
 Yuyun Wachyuniah  Higher Secondary English Language Teacher
 Zaenal Abidin  Higher Secondary Social Science Teacher
Ditha Rahmalia Biology Teacher
Fajar Anggarini Putri Lower Secondary School ICT Teacher
 Maya Sugandi  Higher Secondary School ICT Teacher
Bagus Rizky Pangestu English Language Teacher
 Seli Mauludani, M.Pd.  Higher Secondary Indonesian Language Teacher
 Abdulloh  Madania Student Residence Coordinator
 Haris Fauzi   Nurturer 
Nur Aini Masri Nurturer
Ida Hamidah Nurturer
 Ahmad Nurhidayat  Islamic Religion Teacher
 Irfan Nurhamidah  Islamic Religion Teacher
 Misbahul Huda  Islamic Religion Teacher
 Ninik Ni`matur Rahmaniah  Islamic Religion Teacher
 Nur Baity Masri  Islamic Religion Teacher
 Nur Putri Maulidia  Islamic Religion Teacher
Wuwun Khoirun Nisya Islamic Religion Teacher
Sugeng Priyadi Islamic Religion Teacher
 Ari Ardiyanto  Budhism Religion Teacher
 Dicky Gunawan  Worlds Religions Education Coordinator
 Gusti Ayu Kade Sutini  Hinduism Religion Teacher & Character Education
 Ida Rosanna Siahaan  Christian Religion Teacher
 Iwan Soetarman  Saksi-Saksi Jehova Teacher
 Maria Elisabeth W.  Catholic Religion Teacher
 Rainyetta Damaiyanti Atje  Christian Religion Teacher
 Valentina Warni  Catholic Religion Teacher
 Aas Nurasa  Band Teacher
 Ajeng Dwi Utami Siswaya  Music Teacher [Keyboard]
 Ari Priatna  MAT Academic Staff 
 Bonaventura Ardiyanto  Art Teacher
 Dessy Sophianty  Music, Art, and Theatre Coordinator
 Dwi Rustanto  Art Teacher
 Joko Santoso  Music and Ensemble Teacher
 Maudy Dwitawidjaja  Guitar Teacher
 Samsi Muhammad  Zein  Music Teacher [Violin]
Muhamad Habib Teatre Teacher
 Budi Alamsyah  Life Guard
 Deky Wahyudi  Physical and Health Education Teacher
 Deni Afriansa  Swimming Teacher
 Mamat Rahmat  Physical and Health Education Coordinator
 Muchamad Dradjat  Swimming Teacher
 Rochmat  Swimming Teacher 
 Sahadi Anwarudin  Physical and Health Education Teacher
 Sutarno  Physical and Health Education Teacher
 Wardiman  PHE Academic Staff 
 Amiarsih  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Annissa Rizqieyah  SEN-U [Economic Teacher]
 Chahyo Kurniawan  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Dian Nurdiani  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Dina Ernawa Murni  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Emillia Rosa  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Hanifah Ekawati  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Hidayaturrohman  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Inke Wulandari  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Irni Garnita  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Mardaih  Special Educational Needs Unit Coordinator
 Muhamad Arjuna Ahmadi  Academic Staff Educational Service
 Rizki Firmansyah  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Siti Intan Karina  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Siti Rohmah  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Yanti Cahya Wulan  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Selpia Despriyanti  Special Educational Needs Unit Teacher
 Cahayuni Fajaria  Library Staff 
 Doni Irawan  Library Staff 
 Saiful Haq Widiaksono  Library  Coordinator
Felisha Ghassani Librarian Teacher
 Abdul Rosad  Senior Driver
 Acep Wijaya  Driver
 Agus Basuki  Junior Maintenance
 Agus Sukmawidjaya  Senior Maintenance
 Anjar Supodo  General Affairs Maintenance Officer
 Arif  Junior Maintenance
 Badrudin  Senior Maintenance
 Diana Vita  Receptionist
 Efriyeli  GA-House Keeping Officer
 Eka Ropi  Deputy Head of Personnel
 Endin  Junior Maintenance
 Indar Joko Prasetyo  Technical Support-ICT
 Jolli Imrianto, ST  Building - maintenance Officer
 Kurdi  Junior Staff Personel 
 M. Ilyas  Senior Staff of Finance
 M. Syahril Fadli  PIC ICT - Programmer
 M. Yahya   GA-Building Staff
 Suhadi  Junior Maintenance
 Marsan  PIC Stock Room 
 Mohammad Wartaka  Deputy Head of Communication-Information Technology
 Mulyana  ICT network Engineer Officer
 Novy Arsiany Nuranisa  Deputy Head of Teasury
 Nurmawati  PIC Public Relation
 Opik Hidayat  House Keeping Staff - Custodian & gardener
 Saepudin  Technical Support-ICT
 Samid  Staff of Stock Room
 Sunaryo  Junior Maintenance
 Suroto  GA-Transportation Officer
 Sutini  Personnel Administrarion Staff
 Wiwin Unarsih  Administration Assistant - Finance
 Yudi Sukaya  Executive Driver
 Yusuf Helmi  Deputy Head of GA
 Yusuf Ratman  Driver
Maya Puspita Sari Admission and Customer Service Staff
 Deni Yohansyah  Technical Support-ICT & Sound Engineer
Siti Rohima Video Graphis Staff
Muhamad Thoriq A. Desainer Grafis Staff
Belinda Sandrasari Office Staff Purchasing 
 Neni Legina  Accounting & Tax Staff
 Lusy Listiawaty  Relationship ADM internal PR, Departement Assurances
Tantya Wulandari Public Relation
Fajar Yulianur Marketing Communication - MedSos Staff
 Fitri Oktaviany  Deputy Head of Collection
 Zandi Warmana Putra  Collection Staff
 Rohmat Hidayat   Junior Adm. Assistant
Muhamad Chori Zikrin Video Graphis Staff
 Ahmad Fauzi  Security
 Aji Cep Sugianto  Security
 Cucu Diansyah  Security
 Didim Mulyana  Security
 Hadi Permana  Security
 Irfandi  Security
 Mar'ati Solihah  Female Security
 Marwandi  Security
 Nanang Heryadi  Security
 Nurahman  Security
 Nurhalimah  Female Security
 Saptaji  Security-Group Leader
 Suhendar  Security
 Taufik Rasidin  Security-General Leader
 Tri Yono  Security-Group Leader
 Yusuf  Security
 Zaenal Arifin  Security-Group Leader
Muhamad Sulaeman Security
 Ade Maulana  Custodian
 Agus  Custodian
 Alid Naopi  Custodian
 Anand Junio  Custodian
 Anita  Custodian
 Azhariah Safitri  Custodian
 Budi Hardiman  Custodian-Group Leader
 Dedi Damaruji  Custodian-Group Leader
 Haerul Afandi  Custodian
 Idris Efendi  Custodian
 Ikhwal Maulana  Custodian
 Muhamad Hidayat  Custodian
 Muhamad Jamil  Custodian-General Leader
 Muhamad Saripudin  Custodian
 Mujiono  Custodian
 Mukhlis Shalahudin  Custodian
 Mustofa  Custodian
 Nengsih  Custodian
 Nurdiansyah  Custodian
 Nurfadilla  Custodian
 Rahmat Pauji Sidik  Custodian
 Rian Kurniawan  Custodian
 Saman Sulaeman  Custodian-Group Leader
 Sinta Bela  Custodian
 Sri Gustini  Custodian
 Sumantri Abdul Rahman  Custodian
 Supriyatna  Custodian
Mardani Custodian
Muhammad Mahdar Febriyanto Custodian
Fefen Gardener
Oman Komara Gardener
Rasman Gardener
Sahrudin Gardener
Anissa Bayinas Rahmani&l

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