Yayasan Pendidikan Madania Indonesia (YPMI) was established in 1995 with founders: Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid, Prof. Drs. Achmad Fuadi, and Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat. The name "Madania" comes from the Arabic "madaniah", a root word with Medina, which meant civilization. Medina itself means a place of civilization, which is also often, interpreted as the city, a place inhabited by a civilized society, full obedience, discipline, and subject-obedient to God. Therefore, both the “madaniah” and "medina" are a words derived from the word daana, yadiinu, diinan, which means obedient, submissive, and obedient and resigned. Madaniah and madina also derived from the basic word- yamdunu madana, madyinah, which means building, namely building a civilization. In the spirit of this meaning then in 1996 YPMI founded Madania School. Madania School is an Indonesian school that respects differences of religion and thought, and respects the learning needs of individuals with diverse needs and different abilities. Madania School provides a wealth of experience learning in an Indonesian wisdom atmosphere that respects the spirituality, tradition, virtue, art, culture and history of the nation. It develops international standards and is supported by human resources, learning programs and quality facilities

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