Scholarship Program 2016

The Madania Scholarship Program is opened to all students of the Madania School Parung, Bogor. The type of scholarship offered is an Academic Scholarship for 11 students in grade levels 2 up to grade 12 during the Academic Year of 2016-17.

General Requirements for Scholarship Incumbents

  • Scholarship is valid through the school year 2016-17
  • Consistently show polite manners and application of the Madania values and follow all Madania School rules.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English, additional fluency in a third language or other achievments in any field would give an added value.
  • All are students of grade 1 through 11 in the 2015-16 academic year that meet the Madania learner profile.
  • Posses an average Report Card Score of 8.5 minimum in the last year for Primary, and not have any score below B+ for Secondary.

Scholarship Value  

  • 50% off the annual Monthly Fee for 1 student each in Grade 2 through Grade 6.   
  • 50% off the annual Monthly Fee for 1 student each in Grade 7 through Grade 9.   
  • 50% off the annual Monthly Fee for 1 student each in Grade 10 through Grade 11.   

Note   : The percentage of the monthly fee stated above, is in line with the nominal of the facility fee that must be paid by each incumbent.

Evaluation Process :

The Principal, Vice Principal and Homeroom/Base Teacher are the allegeable team of assessors to select students from their level.

  • conduct selection based on the Report Cards from semester 1 and 2 in the 2015-16 academic year.
  • confirm that candidates proposed for scholarship do not have any disciplinary cases from the past 2 school years. 
  • present list of scholarship candidates to be considered during the Management Meeting in June 2016
  • Principal, incumbent and parent will sign the Scholarship Agreement Letter.
  • In the event that the average scores during Semester 1 academic year 2016-17 of the incumbent are below the minimal scores of the scholarship requirements, the incumbent will be given a warning to improve them in the next semester.
  • Cancellation of Scholarship will be carried out if the incumbent performs a serious violation, and in the next month will be obliged to settle all Monthly Fees minus the right of Scholarship already received.  
  • Students that have received the Scholarship during the 2016-17 academic year are allegeable to be selected in the following year.

Announcement:Result of test will be announced in June 2016 by mail and email to parents.

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