Secondary : Curicullum

Madania Curriculum applies the National Curriculum and Cambridge International Syllabus. Through the national curriculum, students strengthen their Indonesian traditional roots. Enrichment by the Cambridge syllabus is aim to enable students competing globally and are able to develop themselves as learners who have such qualities: confidence in working with information and ideas - their own and others’ (Confident); responsible for themselves, responsible and respect for others (Responsible); reflective as learners, develop their ability to learn (reflective); innovative and is able to equip themselves for new challenges and the future (Innovative ), as well as intellectually and socially engaged, ready to make a difference (Engaged).

Madania Secondary School (lower and higher secondary) enables students to master a variety of learning skills (study skills) to make them more independent, creative, confident, highly motivated, and able to manage time and themselves appropriately and correctly. Various programs and opportunities are provided for each student to develop holistically (intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and above all, spirituality). The school learning environment is very dynamic, supportive and challenging and so is very conducive for students to grow into superior human beings. Various programs, such as; banning smoking and the use of dangerous drugs, sex and puberty education, teamwork and personal development activities are presented in a planned manner. Moving class system is implemented from grade 7. Same goes for foreign language subjects. Grade 7 students are introduced to Arabic, German, Mandarin and Japanese language before they choose the one they like to learn up till they in grade 12.

Graduating from Madania School, students will have both National and Cambridge International Examinations certificates along with one foreign language recognition document.

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