Secondary : Madania Student Residence

Madania Student Residence (MSR) is a housing facility inhabited by Madania students. It is designed naturally, full of intimacy and discipline, taking into account the psychological aspects of adolescents. Madania student residential area is situated in the beautiful area of Telaga Kahuripan, quiet and far from pollution, to provide a conducive atmosphere to the education of Madania students. MSR creates a new home for students. It is designed to provide a balanced and pleasant life, where standards of conduct are prescribed for their well-being. Through everyday life, students will learn to be confident, caring, loving, independent, and respectful to others.

Every house in the MSR is occupied by six students and is accompanied by a caregiver who acts as a surrogate parent and accompanies students during learning activities, practicing religious activities embraced by each student, doing sports, sightseeing, and other activities around MSR. Each caregiver is equipped with neccesary values, ranging from self-discipline and intellect to emotional and spiritual characteristics. The concept and goal of a house occupied by six students is that every student can learn to live with others (learning to live together) with a variety of ethnic, linguistic, and religious goodwill, friendliness, and familiarity with their peers with mental independence and freedom with responsibility. MSR is equipped with a center of information service and activities for the students, which includes a cafeteria, a reading garden, a stage entertainment, and an area to display the artistic talents of the students' ability. Governed by a special committee, the activities of MSR will surely run smoothly and effectively.

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