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Come and join us for a
                                                                                       8 days adventure and
          YOUNG NAVY                                                                   meaningful moment...

          SOCIAL ADVENTURE                                                             ...learning, exciting,
                                                                                       being refreshed, and
                                                                                       getting encouraged.
          Desa Sangiang, NTB
                                                                                         You will miss out a
           Young Navy Social Adventure in Brief                                        very valuable
                                                                                       experience in your life
             Young navy is a collaboration program between the                        should you not be able
              Indonesian Navy, SCTV and Indosiar.                                      to join.

             To keep Madania values in line with the program, Madania
              School will send teachers to be involved as parts of the                 Limited seats:
              students’ mentor.
                                                                                       250 students from all
             Young Navy is a tremendous moment which involves 200                     over Indonesia
              students all over Indonesia and provides experience social

              interaction among participants.

             Young Navy program is only held once a year for 8 (eight)
              days (6 days on board, 2 days in Sangiang Village.)

             Young Navy Social Adventure is a social program which
              provides educational experience to young generation

              (junior and senior high school student) through our joyful
              and prestigious journey to remote areas in Indonesia.
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